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Lema May Mousilli
125th Judicial District Court of Harris County
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I am seeking this bench because of my unwavering commitment to the fundamental principles of justice and fairness. With a 17-year legal career that spans civil trial practice, service as an Assistant District Attorney, and appellate law experience, practiced across the United States in both state and federal courts, I bring a comprehensive perspective crucial for the effective administration of justice. I firmly believe that my experience, dedication, and compassion uniquely qualify me for this judicial role. 


Term limits are central to my campaign platform. I firmly believe that they are crucial for maintaining a judiciary that is responsive, diverse, and accountable to the community. By imposing term limits, we ensure that our courts benefit from a continuous infusion of new ideas, diverse perspectives, and a commitment to serving justice. This approach prevents any individual from holding onto power indefinitely, promoting a judiciary that reflects the evolving needs and values of the people it serves. Term limits are not just a part of my platform; they are a cornerstone of my commitment to a fair, dynamic, and accountable legal system for all.

Meet Lema

Lema May Mousilli
My name is Lema May Mousilli, a committed Democrat seeking the position of Judge for the 125th Judicial District Court in Harris County. Beyond my role as a seasoned trial attorney, I am a proud single mother to a precocious 12-year-old who brings immense joy to my life. In addition to my legal expertise, I serve as an Adjunct Professor and am deeply dedicated to advocating for civil rights. 

Texas Tech University, Executive Masters of Business Administration, May 2014, Magna Cum Laude


The University of Houston Law Center, Doctor of Jurisprudence, May 2006


The University of Houston, The Honors College, Bachelor of Arts in English & Political Science, May 2003, Cum Laude


Super Lawyer, 2020 - 2023


Top 40 under 40, The National Trial Lawyers, 2018 -2019


My professional journey as an attorney spans 17 years, during which I've been unwavering in my commitment to securing justice for those who have been wronged. I bring a unique and extensive skill set, having represented individuals and small businesses across a spectrum of legal areas, including plaintiff's work and defense at both state and federal levels across the United States. One of my key strengths lies in successfully representing clients against major corporations, facing off against some of the largest law firms in the country. This track record of achievement showcases my ability to navigate complex legal landscapes and emerge with positive outcomes for my clients. My multifaceted experience allows me to approach cases holistically, providing a nuanced and comprehensive perspective that goes beyond the confines of a single legal domain.
I have had the privilege of serving as a trial and appellate attorney with a diverse practice, gaining invaluable insights into various areas of law. For the last five years, my law practice has been dedicated to intellectual property litigation and commercial litigation, in state and federal court, at both trial and appellate levels.
My prior experience includes roles in criminal prosecution and defense, counter-terrorism litigation, family law, immigration law, civil rights litigation, and personal injury, both as a plaintiff's attorney and defense counsel. Additionally, I have handled cases involving health law, real estate, mass torts, and pharmaceutical and medical device litigation. 

State Bar Of Texas
State Bar of Texas License
US Federal Claims License
US Federal Claims License
Southern District Of TX License
Southern District Of TX License
Top 40 Under 40 Trial Lawyer
Top 40 Under 40 Trial Lawyer
Language Proficiency

I possess native, professional proficiency in Arabic, with the ability to speak, read, and write across multiple dialects. This proficiency allows me to engage effectively with Arabic speakers from diverse countries across Asia and Africa. Furthermore, I have a working knowledge of Spanish, broadening my ability to communicate and understand the needs of a diverse community.

Teaching Experience

Over the past five years, I have served as an Adjunct Professor, teaching Business Law and Constitutional Law to university students. This role reflects my commitment to legal education and the development of future professionals. It also demonstrates my ability to convey complex legal concepts in a clear and accessible manner.

About the Position

The 125th Judicial District Court in Harris County handles a variety of civil cases, including commercial litigation, personal injury cases, complex commercial litigation, and other civil matters. Given my 17 years of experience in civil trial practice, I am well-equipped to handle the intricacies of these legal issues.


Respect for All

You will be treated with respect in my courtroom.

Justice for All

You will not be discriminated against in my presence.

Equal Access

You will have equal access to justice no matter what.

Early Voting Dates: February 20 - March 1

Election Day: Tuesday, March 5

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